Carolot  Golden Retriever puppy page.  May 2013
May  24 -Keeper & pups with music              .
May 24   KD and 3 male pups on bed .               
Mathew X KD pups born May 15/13
Jack X Keeper pups
Born May 15/13
June 3  Puppies 19 days old.  .Keeper's pup's first, then KD pups on brown blanket, then Keeper's
babies again.  
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June 6:  Keeper puppies 3 weeks old.  click here:  
June 19:  Keeper pups 5 wks old  click here
June 19:  KD pups 5 wks old   click here
June 29  KD & Keeper pups @ 61/2 wks
KD's white boy
KD's light green boy
      KD"S red girl
Keeper's blue boy
A tired puppy is a good puppy!
Brown          Green            White

          KD's Boys
Red                Orange             Purple

         KD's girls
Green         Black                 Blue
Keeper's Boys
Pink         Yellow
Keeper's Girls

Puppies @ 7 Weeks
Check out the 7 week video  Click here
8 weeks old
Keeper's pups
KD's pups @ 8 wks
These puppies have gone to their new homes.
Watch for upcoming litter early 2014!
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